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Main Office : Strathclyde Business Park   Located in the prestigious Strathclyde Business Park, we have a custom-fitted 6500 sq...

Main Office :

Strathclyde Business Park


Located in the prestigious Strathclyde Business Park, we have a custom-fitted 6500 sq ft Category A office space. Our Facilities



Through an extensive design fit-out project in 2019, this space was specifically designed to meet the logistic and security needs of the organisation and the projects we deliver to our customers.

Physical Security Design Our Facilities

From the start, this space was designed with security in mind. There is 24/7 Cisco Meraki CCTV, with advanced analytics for movement tracking and alerting. Segregated and differentiated access is enforced to separate and secure different business functions.

Comfortable Supportive Environment

Many security enhancements were factored into this new space but equally important to us was the aesthetics and comfort of this space. We have created an environment without walls between departments to encourage team working and collaboration.


We have created multiple breakout spaces and quiet zones to allow flexibility in working styles and requirements. This design allows everyone to be a part of and contribute to the customer-focused team effort to deliver excellence in all customer activities.

Secure Storage Facilities

To facilitate multiple simultaneous customer projects, we have ample secure on-site storage to allow large projects to be stored and staged from Sword-Pings’ office. This helps minimise on-site customer activities, which helps keep project delivery costs as low as possible.

Video Enabled Staging Facilities

As part of our storage capabilities, we also have a securely connected video-enabled staging room. This allows for bench testing and building our customers solutions to be witnessed and verified remotely over secure high definition video.

Secure Physically Segmented Production Network

For more complex designs requiring validated customer acceptance or integration testing, Sword-Ping also has a secure customer production lab space.


This provides controlled access to our Comms Suite and individually secured racks to allow for restricted access for customers to access more connected integration of their solutions and, therefore, potentially more applicable acceptance testing or solution fine-tuning.

24/7 Secure NOC

The one work team that could not have open access to the wider company teams is the Network Operations Centre (NOC). Security necessitates that the data and displays this team can access are restricted to only key-security vetted individuals and management.


A flagship of the facility, the NOC has been designed with one way glass blocking LCD screen light allowing the team to be as connected to the rest of the organisation as possible without risking breaching any customer privacy from the data on their displays or the 5m wide NOC dashboards.


With double, secure gated entry to the NOC, we have focussed on providing the most physically secured environment where we manage our customers’ networks.