Managed Services

There are many reasons that customers look into a Managed Service. It can be to support just a single technology...

There are many reasons that customers look into a Managed Service.

It can be to support just a single technology that is problematic to support internally. It may be to outsource BAU activities freeing up valuable internal resource to focus on business development, or it might just be to provide a guaranteed and consistent service without the need to manage staff training and absences internally.

Whatever the reason for looking at a type of managed service, Ping is always willing to create something bespoke to fit individual requirements.

Incident Managed Service

Our Incident Managed Service is designed to remotely monitor and manage our customers’ network infrastructure. Through this service, Ping takes responsibility for all incident identification, investigation and resolution, including third party escalation and management.

Integrated service management and reporting provide the easiest way for customers to access specialised skills to monitor and manage their critical network infrastructures.

Change requests within the Incident Management Service are delivered using a separate bank of hours, T&M contract, allowing customers to only pay for changes requested, but for these still to be done against a guaranteed service level.

Full Managed Service

For larger customer environments where changes are frequent, it is often preferred for Business As Usual (BAU) changes to be included as part of the service.

This is the key difference between the Incident Managed Service and this Full Managed Service. Through the Full Managed Service, all BAU changes to supported devices are inclusive to allow the service to operate at a singular fixed cost throughout the term.

Through the Full Managed Service and the Incident Managed Service, an agreed commercial model is defined at the outset of the service, thus allowing for the increase or reduction in supported locations or devices, simplifying the adaptation of the service throughout its term.

Technology Specific Managed Service

On occasion, we have found customers with the need to support just a single specific technology, such as security services, collaboration, or global wide-area services.

Whatever the technology, we are always open to creating a specific service to support one area of our customers’ infrastructure.

24 x 7 Security Cleared NOC

All of the managed services described above are supported by our secure and dedicated NOC facility. This custom-designed secure, space with 5m-wide customer network, monitoring and alerting displays, is operated by our disclosure and security cleared engineering team.

With the defined incident, problem and change management procedures and technology-specific escalation track, all clearly defined in our customer issued Service-Operational Manual (SOM), our NOC engineer teams provide a safe, secure and consistent approach to operational activities.