Simplivity Launches New OmniStack Solutions with Cisco UCS to Simplify ROBO Deployments

Faster , More Reliable, Built-in Data Protection


Key Benefits:

3x Lower Total Cost of Ownership by consolidating all IT functions below the hypervisor into a single, scalable pool of shared x86 resources. 

Faster , More Reliable, Built-in Data Protection with central IT management eliminates the need for additional backup and recovery technology at ROBO locations, and allow ROBO sites to operate with the same SLAS, RTOs and RPOs as the enterprise’s global offices. 

Improved Staff Productivity by managing all resources (policies, processes, operations, backups, etc) from the same centralized interface , so IT staff no longer needs to b on-site to mange ROBO resources. 

Increased Application Performance by deduplicating, compressing and optimizing all date, once, in line, at inception.

Improved WAN Utilization with built in data deduplication, compression and optimization by reducing the network traffic associated with data protection functions, removing  the need for special-purpose WAN appliances. 

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