Enterprise Networks

From LAN switches, wireless networking, advanced routing, administration and management solutions, these are the core building blocks of the connected enterprise networks.


Ping’s advanced architectural specialisation in this area demonstrates our depth of knowledge and experience in this most important layer of the network.


By optimising and leveraging the intelligence and advanced embedded features at this critical layer, we can create the most robust and intuitive customer networks, designed for today and optimised for tomorrow.




Cisco Intent-based Networking built on Cisco DNA to sense and understand the context of everything that is happening across all applications, users, and devices in your network


Cisco DNA Centre for centralised network control and management dashboard of Cisco’s intent-based network infrastructure


Cisco Catalyst & Nexus Switching for an enterprise-class edge, distribution, core and datacentre switching


Cisco Wireless for high speed, highly available multi-service internal and external wireless access solutions


Cisco Integrated Services Routers for multi-service advanced feature WAN & Gateway services


Cisco WAN Optimisation utilising the latest SD-WAN technologies for maximum performance, utilisation and optimisation


Cisco Meraki Solutions cloud-managed wired or wireless network infrastructure, security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions



Increase Performance for better availability, speeds, throughput, control and visibility


Improve Network Agility and Automation with DNA centre for centralised control with advanced telemetry and analytics to proactively monitor, troubleshoot, adapt and optimize your network


Application-Specific Requirements where network performance requires guarantees or granular controls to support the movement to cloud-based hosting


Leveraging Existing Investments where customers need to meet new business and network requirements by utilising advanced Enterprise Network embedded features from existing equipment


Network Refresh / New Location for customers looking equip new offices with best of breed solutions, or ageing equipment requires to be updated to meet business requirements

Client examples and case studies of the above technologies