With a 24 x 7 Network Operations Centre, backed by manufacturer support agreements, Ping Network Solutions can provide comprehensive network support.  Furthermore, with our dedicated Service Management, we can fully customise this to each customer’s unique business and support requirements.

Key Solutions & Products

Pro-Active Support from our secure and resilient Tier-3 data centres for monitoring of live network services

On-Site Hardware Replacement for all support vendor hardware (Cisco, Meraki, EMC)

Software Support including Manufacturer escalation plus minor and major version update entitlement

Full 24 x 7 Service for critical item support

Guaranteed Service Restoration SLA’s to guaranteed fix times, not just response

Mixed SLA Contracts to apply different SLA’s to different equipment types or locations

Pro-Rata Contract Additions for ease of contract management

Life Cycle Management for proactive monitoring and reporting on manufacture Lifecycle statuses (End of Life, Product Advisories etc.)

International Support for central management of support services

Regular Reporting & Review Meetings to allow customers to track usage and performance

Key Business Benefits of Ping Support Services

Bespoke Contract Management for customers looking to reduce support costs, simplify maintenance contract management and improve service delivery

Free Pro-Active Contract & Network Audit services allow Ping to help our customers ensure that all live network items are correctly supported and retired or replaced hardware is removed from any support contracts

Client examples and case studies of the above technologies