Managed Services

In conjunction with our customers, Ping have developed a wide range of managed service offerings designed to alleviate pressure on internal resources, freeing up customer staff to focus on key business requirements whilst Ping manage many of the background activities.

Key Solutions & Products

Collaboration Support Desk for customers to offload the administration of the Cisco UC environment (includes incident and also change management)

Pro-Active IT Systems Management for hosted network monitoring, altering, advanced network analytics and reporting

Managed BYOD for Ping management of guest user connectivity

Managed Wide Area Networking allowing Ping to fully monitor and manage the wide area setup and performance

Managed Perimeter Security for firewall, VPN and filtering management

Off-Site Customer Backups for key Cisco systems secure off-site managed backups

Key Customer Drivers & Use Cases

Ping Managed Services allow organisations to access many advanced systems without the capital costs or project time required to set these systems up from scratch.

Ping Specialist Engineering Services allows customers to create a pseudo support team for their organisation by adding our specialist engineering skill sets only as and where required. This has proven to be a great mechanism to provide efficient skills backfill in areas that our engineers are working regularly within.

Client examples and case studies of the above technologies