Ping Network Solutions work with customers of all sizes to help them create the most robust and appropriate security architecture possible.

Current cybersecurity legislation and best practices such as GDPR and the Cyber Essentials Plus program, coupled with an ever-increasing and more complex cyber threat landscape, is forcing organisations to implement a more robust security policy and services.

It has long been accepted that no single product or service can protect against every different threat, so to combat this, defence-in-depth multi-layered security approach is needed.

A key component of all modern data protection policies is the ability to monitor the policy put in place, to detect and report any relevant security events and to have a robust incident response plan.

To provide additional support to our customers, we can, from our Security Operations Centre, monitor, manage, alert and react to our customers’ unique security environments to provide on-going support to ensure the effectiveness of all security services in place.


Cisco Umbrella for external layer first line of defence against threats on the Internet

Cisco Email Security for advanced malware, ransomware and phishing protection for Office 365 and other email systems

Cisco Cloudlock for cloud-native security, monitoring & reporting of the organisation’s cloud-hosted data such as personally identifiable information

Cisco Duo for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to internet and cloud applications, to protect against compromised user access credentials

Cisco ASA & FirePOWER Threat Defence Appliances Firewalls for next-generation, threat-centric, perimeter layer defence with dynamic real-time integration to Cisco Talos

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) internal layer security for bespoke, who, what, where, when and posture state policies to enforce network access and segmentation

Cisco AMP for Endpoint Protection using advanced file and traffic analysis for the best real-time and retrospective endpoint security

Cisco BYOD & MDM for securely connecting and managing mobile and guest devices

Key Managed Solutions

Managed Security Services for integration of all security event telemetry to our Security Operations Centre

Managed Firewall Services for outsourcing of firewall monitoring, management & patching including full change management

Managed Guest Access for outsourcing of managing guest access services

Mobile Device Management for corporate or guest device management

Client examples and case studies of the above technologies