WAN Services

Ping Network Solutions has many years of experience in designing, deploying and supporting our customer’s wide area networks. No two networks are the same, and we are experts in working with our customers to understand key traffic flows, applications requirements and business drivers to create a bespoke and “best fit” wide-area solution.


MPLS / IPVPN for multi-site inter-office connectivity, access types such as DSL, SDSL & Ethernet, speeds from 1Mb up to 10Gb, quality of service for customer-specific traffic profiling and protection

Point to Point for the site to site connectivity

Point to Multipoint for Hub and Spoke Inter-site connectivity

Direct Internet Access for high speed and resilient internet services

Network-Based Internet Access to provide internet access over unused circuit bandwidths

SIP for internet-based telephony services

Key Deployment Scenarios

Unbundled Service to allow Ping/Customer management of installed infrastructure – this is key to maximise the network efficiency and return on investment

Bespoke Operation – this unbundling of the CPE equipment into our customer’s control allows Ping to create bespoke dynamic routing and policy-driven network models that uniquely match our customers business, network and application requirements

Mixed Technology Network for bespoke network creation using different or multiple access methods in different locations

Resilient Network Design to allow for maximum uptime, and minimum failover interaction

Client examples and case studies of the above technologies