Seeing Hybrid IT Differently!   We are working with our partners, SolarWinds, to show you how their approach to Azure...

Seeing Hybrid IT Differently!


We are working with our partners, SolarWinds, to show you how their approach to Azure cloud solutions can make hybrid IT easy.




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Does the cloud leave you feeling like you’re in a fog?

With the ongoing focus on achieving digital transformation goals, you’re probably one of the more than 90% of tech pros who say they have got at least some part of their stack in the cloud—making hybrid environments today’s IT reality. And because it’s one of the top public cloud vendors, you’re likely considering or have already deployed assets to Microsoft Azure.


But what if you can’t see what you have in Azure as clearly as you can see what is in your data centre? Do you know how much you are spending? Do your tools serve your security and monitoring needs from on-premises to Azure?

Manage, Monitor, and Secure Your Azure Environment

With SolarWinds IT Operations Management solutions, they can help you bridge your journey to Azure; and help provide end-to-end visibility and control of your Azure environment as part of your hybrid and multi-cloud IT strategy.


They help you prepare your on-premises virtual machines for Azure, provide tools to control and audit access and manage costs across subscriptions, your commercial and traditional applications and workloads, and provide live code profiling, exception tracking, and distributed traces for in-depth insights into the performance of your custom applications. SolarWinds’ IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions also help you design, deliver, support, and manage IT services running on Azure.

Embrace Your Journey to the Cloud

Public cloud offers many benefits, but this new reality didn’t come with an instruction manual. Tech pros have to map their own organisation’s journey to the cloud, but around 70% of tech pros aren’t confident they have the necessary skills to manage their evolving IT environments.


This ebook will guide you through the challenges and opportunities of this transition to a public cloud.  Read More

Azure Solutions

Prepare Your On-Premises Virtualized Workloads for Azure

Chances are you’re looking to move some of your on-premises virtualised workloads to Azure. Rather than just “lift and shift,” it’s important to first “improve, then move” by identifying under-provisioned assets that will never perform as needed and over-provisioned and abandoned VMs costing you a valuable budget.


Get your VMs ready for Azure. Learn how you can quickly right-size and optimise your virtual machines before you move them.

Monitor Azure Infrastructure & Applications

With digital transformation in full swing, more and more of your business-critical services and data are being deployed to public cloud environments like Azure. While Microsoft assures availability of the Azure platform, it’s up to you to ensure your applications hosted on its Azure IaaS and PaaS services are available and performing.


SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor can allow you to monitor your commercial applications using any of the over 1200 included application, server, and Azure infrastructure monitoring templates. Using SolarWinds AppOptics™, you can monitor your Azure Services, Azure App Service, and custom applications using transaction tracing, code profiling, and exception tracking.


Database Performance Analyser helps ensure your IaaS-deployed or Azure PaaS databases are performing optimally with cross-platform database performance optimisation and tuning.


It’s also important to know your end users can access your Azure applications. Be “in the know” by automatically testing end-user experience from both inside the organisation, and outside the firewall, and assess the health of network paths between your Azure-deployed applications and your end-users.

Monitor Azure Services

Monitor your Azure environment with comprehensive, real-time performance metrics. Your Azure infrastructure can host multiple diverse cloud-based services, which is why an Azure monitoring solution needs to be flexible and powerful.


Simply enable the Azure services you have and start collecting metrics for App Services, Load Balancers, SQL Databases, Cosmos Databases, Network Interfaces, Storage, Functions, Public IP Addresses, Virtual Machines, Key Vaults, and Redis.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud IT Operations Management


You’ve got your Azure environment under control, but chances are you’ve got IT resources running in other clouds and on-premises. How are you going to manage it all in an affordable, easy-to-use solution?


Simple – with SolarWinds.


Get full ability to monitor, manage, and secure your hybrid and multi-cloud IT environments with SolarWinds IT Operations Management solutions.

  • Monitor all your commercial and SaaS applications, your custom web applications, and optimise the performance of your databases, wherever they’re deployed
  • Assure the performance of your infrastructure from servers and containers to storage and network
  • Simplify security and compliance with SolarWinds access rights management, security event management, server change monitoring, and patch management tools
  • Provide end-to-end management of people, processes, and technology with both easy-to-use and smart IT Service Management solutions

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